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flordel.jpg  272596_4434Flordel is one of the leading flower shops in New York City. We offer our customers a full range of floral services. Flordel offers floral arrangements for private and corporate clients, decorating of interiors, gardens, parties, celebrations, wedding ceremonies, funeral processions. Anything you want, we will do it, for any occasion!

  Here you will find a wide assortment of the freshest and the most beautiful flowers in New York.

  Along with the more common flowers, we offer a wide selection of exotic plants, including glamorous blooming orchids. To give flowers is a great way to express your feelings and leave an indelible impression.
flordel2    Flordel offers exciting luxurious arrangements in which the highest quality flowers from around the world are used. Our talented florists perfectly combine timeless classics with modern trends in modern aesthetic compositions.

    Not sure what you want? No problem, just ask our talented employees at Flordel. We can help you choose which flowers, colors, arangements, that are appropriate for your occasion.